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Piano Masterclass with Vasilis Socratous

Concert tickets Piano Masterclass with Vasilis Socratous

Trinity College of London - Cyprus
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Date and time

«Piano Masterclass with Vasilis Socratous»

Friday Fr - 12:00am
March, 2020
Mar 6 Fr - 12:00am
12:00 AM
Οδός Δωριέων, 24, 1101, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος


The seminar will take place on 6-8 March 2020 at the headquarters of Trinity College Cyprus, 22 Dorian Ave., 2023, Nicosia. There are two groups of participants, the active participants and the listeners. Active participants in addition to the parallel activities of the seminar they have individual piano lessons of up to 4 hours depending on the course package they choose. Listeners simply attend the seminar without active participation as pianists but attend and participate in all other seminar activities if they wish. Seats are limited for both active participants and listeners, so priority will be respected. Active participants should be at least Grade 5 and should be well aware of the projects they will play, so that the work in the seminar will deal with deeper meanings of musical analysis. Each active participant can have up to 4 60-minute lessons if possible. The projects to be selected must be of different musical seasons and represent the technical and musical abilities of each candidate. To participate in the seminar, an active member / listener request must be sent to: [email protected] Deadline for submitting applications for active members and listeners is set for Sunday, 16 February 2020. Late-term applications will only be accepted if entries are not completed within the deadline. After the deadline for submitting applications (or after the positions have been filled in earlier), the participants will be announced.Attendance certificates will be given to active members and listeners.PROGRAM • First day of the seminar (Friday 6 March 2020) will begin with the lecture-recital of Vasilis Socratous on works of Cypriot and Greek composers.• The second day of the seminar (Saturday, March 7, 2019) will begin with Soucratous presentation entitled "What is behind the interpretation?" , critical listening, technical and musical creation etc.• The third and final day of the seminar (Sunday, March 8) will begin with a two-hour discussion where participants, activists, and listeners are invited to discuss and comment on anything that concerns them in learning, developing, performing a project, the correct attitude of the piano towards the piano, the dynamics of the hands, as well as questions about piano studies in Greece and abroad.• The seminar will conclude with a piano concert at “Kyriakides Piano Gallery”, Nikis 26, 1086, Nicosia, on Sunday March 8th at 8pm. Socratous will foretell the concert by welcoming and summarizing the work of the seminar and then the active participants will have the opportunity to perform a work (or works) that they have worked on during the seminar. Attendance certificates will be given to active members and listeners.