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Hodja's School

Hodja's School

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«Hodja's School»

Sunday Su - 05:00pm
February, 2020
Feb 2 Su - 05:00pm
05:00 PM
Οδός Νικηταρά, 11, 1080, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος


Suitable for viewers from 6 to 106 years oldAn improvised school, two teachers that do not follow the school curriculum, and stories starring Nasreddin Hodja. A chalkboard, a staircase and teaching materials used in ordinary and unordinary ways. The key question for students: What do you know about Nasreddin Hodja?The two teachers decide to bypass the school syllabus and as a result of this the school lessons are intertwined with Hodja’s adventures, and them with the heroes of his stories. In the spirit dictated by the cheerful personality of Nasreddin Hodja, the teachers deliver lessons of arbitrary geography, paradoxical mathematics, and intense donkology.Through this performance, Eidekanou group aims to associate Hodja, this distant and forgotten character of Eastern folk literature, with the present. To present to children a hero different from all others, who does not need to impress in order to be likable, who is just genuine, and liberated from the expectations of the modern world.Directing and Dramaturgy: Eidekanou Group On stage: Nikoletta Verykiou, Elena Pavlidou Music: Pavlina Konstantopoulou Sound Editing: Giorgos Stylianou Scenography: Eidekanou Group Costumes: Constantina Andreou Technical support: Maria Loizidou Poster: Filios TsigaridesFebruary 2 and 9 at 17:00Ticket reservations: 96670490 & 99849598 or [email protected]Price: 8 euroDuration: 75 minutes